Kayla Mais

Kayla Mais

I want to introduce you to Jenny St. Germain, who will be managing the bulk of our future changes to the website. She is copied on this message.

I notice that Aja Egglestone’s write-up still shows her with the title Practicum Counsellor. That should now read Therapeutic Counsellor.

Under Parksville, Mina Ishioka’s profile should be ahead of both Jody Tkach and Heather Arnold.

Under Tanya Helle’s profile, it is missing her title “Senior Therapeutic Counsellor, and her credentials should read MSW, BCASW. Please ensure that credentials don’t run together like hers are. Please change the third line of her bio from “over 11” to “more than a decade”

Please add to the Nanaimo profiles and drop-down menu Kayla Kais. Here is her bio. I will send her photo separately. Her title is Practicum Counsellor.

Our newest practicum therapist is Kayla Mais, who will be working from our Nanaimo office. Kayla is a student of Adler University, completing her Master of Counselling degree.

Kayla has worked in the Nanaimo mental health field for five years, and she aims to help meet the need for trauma informed and diversity sensitive approaches.

Kayla hopes to walk alongside clients on their healing journey, providing a supportive, respectiful, and inclusive space where each person can draw on their inner awareness by increasing awareness, acceptance, and self-determination.

Kayla approaches her counselling from an existential/humanistic lens. She brings to her work mindfulness, Adlerian, narrative, Satir, and feminist perspectives and practices.

In her spare time, Kayla enjoys spending time with her family and in nature.